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Wrestle \Wres"tle\, n. A struggle between two persons to see which will throw the other down; a bout at wrestling; a wrestling match; a struggle. [1913 Webster] Whom in a wrestle the giant catching aloft, with a terrible hug broke three of his ribs. --Milton. [1913 Webster]
Wrestle \Wres"tle\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Wrestled; p. pr. & vb. n. Wrestling.] [OE. wrestlen, wrastlen, AS. wr?stlian, freq. of wr?stan to wrest; akin to OD. wrastelen to wrestle. See Wrest, v. t.] [1913 Webster]
To contend, by grappling with, and striving to trip or throw down, an opponent; as, they wrestled skillfully. [1913 Webster] To-morrow, sir, I wrestle for my credit, and he that escapes me without some broken limb shall acquit him well. --Shak. [1913 Webster] Another, by a fall in wrestling, started the end of the clavicle from the sternum. --Wiseman. [1913 Webster]
Hence, to struggle; to strive earnestly; to contend. [1913 Webster] Come, wrestle with thy affections. --Shak. [1913 Webster] We wrestle not against flesh and blood. --Eph. vi.
[1913 Webster] Difficulties with which he had himself wrestled. --M. Arnold. [1913 Webster]
Wrestle \Wres"tle\, v. t. To wrestle with; to seek to throw down as in wrestling. [1913 Webster]

Word Net

wrestle n : the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat; "they had a fierce wrestle"; "we watched his grappling and wrestling with the bully" [syn: wrestling, grapple, grappling, hand-to-hand struggle]


1 combat to overcome an opposing tendency or force; "He wrestled all his life with his feeling of inferiority"
2 engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate; "I wrestled with this decision for years"
3 to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling); "The prisoner writhed in discomfort"; "The child tried to wriggle free from his aunt's embrace" [syn: writhe, wriggle, worm, squirm, twist]
4 engage in a wrestling match; "The children wrestled in the garden"

Moby Thesaurus

agonize, battle, box, brawl, broil, buffet, clash, close, collide, combat, come to blows, contend, contest, cut and thrust, duel, endeavor, essay, exchange blows, exert, fence, feud, fight, fight a duel, give and take, give satisfaction, grapple, grapple with, grunt and sweat, hassle, huff and puff, jostle, joust, labor, mix it up, moil, quarrel, rassle, riot, run a tilt, scramble, scuffle, skirmish, spar, strain, stretch, strive, struggle, thrust and parry, tilt, toil, tourney, travail, tussle, wage war, war, work




  1. A wrestling bout.
  2. A struggle.


  1. To contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw, immobilize or otherwise defeat him, depending on the specific rules of the contest
  2. To struggle or strive
  3. To take part in a wrestling match with someone
    Finnish: painia
  4. To move or lift something with difficulty
  5. To throw a calf etc in order to brand it
  6. To fight


to contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw
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